D8 Reps

Updated: January 27, 2020

In an effort to stay continually aware of what is happening in their District, each year the ARBA District Directors appoint several State or Provincial Representatives. These Representatives are to report news of the district to the Director, and keep the Director informed of any pertinent facts or plans that may be news worthy. Any information received by the District Director may be used for their column in the Domestic Rabbits magazine. A State or Provincial Representative is a person knowledgeable about rabbits and/or cavies, willing to devote time and effort to local clubs and events, and able to answer basic questions for the rabbit raiser.





Joy Griffin


I live in NW Indiana living in the town I was born and raised. I have 3 children, two daughters Natalie and Rachel who are attending Purdue University, and my son Austin attending New Prairie High School where he is involved with FFA. I have always been a farm gal, raising and showing many species of livestock over the last 45 years including Quarter & Paint Horses, Cattle, and rabbits.

My main rabbit breed is Californians, although I do raise NZ White and have a few other breeds I show just for fun. My interest has always been the Commercial side of raising rabbits for meat, carcass evaluations, and Commercial (meatpen) Shows, although I do love to show the breed shows as well!

I dedicate my interest in the hobby to helping the Youth as much as I can, and I love to promote the Commercial side of raising rabbits and helping with shows. I have been very fortunate to surround myself with the many friends I have made in this wonderful hobby over the years! If I can be of any assistance please let me know. D8's rabbit family is the best!









Jim Hupp


Jim Hupp is ARBA Cavy judge #658 from Kokomo, Indiana.

He has been in the hobby for 40 years and is the current chairperson for the ACBA Standards Committee and Chairman of the ARBA Cavy Sub Committee. Jim has been active on the ARBA Standards committee for 6 years. In 2002, Jim began serving as he ACBA Vice Present and in 2006 he started his service as the ACBA President until 2012.

He has served on the Cavy Liaison for several ARBA Conventions and was the show chairman for 2 ACBA National Conventions.

Jim has also served 18 years on the ARBA Continuing Judges study group!











Donna Whitmer


Donna Whitmer lives in Indiana and is the mother of 5, all of which have shown rabbits. This started in 4H in 2000. The family quickly merged into the ARBA circuit where 3 of the kids attended their first Nationals in 2002 in Peoria Ill. She has since taken over as Superintendent of her local 4H rabbit club until recently stepping down to enjoy her youngest child, Dylan’s last 4H year.

She volunteers at state and national levels with youth competitions. She enjoys doing showmanship judging as well as continuing to learn breeds and varieties. She has learned with her children. Some may know her youngest two boys, Dakota Whitmer, who is state youth leader in Indiana or Dylan Whitmer who is still enjoying his youth career. They have a hobby farm where Dylan not only has rabbits but llamas and alpacas, chinchillas, pot belly pigs, and more normal pets like cats n dogs too!
Outside of the hobby, she works as an office manager for a chiropractic clinic, enjoys camping, playing cards or board games, but truly loves spending time with her grandchildren and her rabbit family! She is also one of the Stewie Jr’s #1 Fans! Feel free to look her up at shows or hit her up on Facebook messenger.



Wyleigh Thomas - D8 Indiana Youth Representative


Hello everyone! My name is Wyleigh Thomas, and I am the Indiana Youth Representative for District 8! I live in central Indiana and have been raising Rex and Rhinelanders for 7 years, and Argente Bruns for the last year or so, showing at local, state, and national shows. 

I am currently serving as the Youth Director of the Indiana State Rex Rabbit Breeders Association, gladly sharing my knowledge of rabbits with younger and older members of my club. I’ve also been a member of Team Indiana, competing in Breed ID. 

When not working with rabbits, I work hard serving my FFA chapter as an officer, swim for my school’s swim team, work as hard as I can to maintain good grades, and share my knowledge of rabbits with others. 

I’m very excited to serve as the Indiana Youth Representative and meet many new people along the way!






Tom Green


Renate Michelle Padgett


My name is Renate Michelle Padgett born and raised in Lincoln County, KY. I live on a small farm with my husband (Ben Padgett) and our three children. Gracie Padgett (15), Kasey Padgett (11) and Henry Padgett (9). Our oldest daughter Katie Phillips (21) is married and lives in Stanford, Ky with her husband Tyler Phillips. Our family has mainly raised tobacco, cattle and grain but over the years we have decreased our farm land to around 15 acres.

When our third daughter Kasey wanted a pet bunny at the National Farm machinery show is what started our family on the rabbit journey. We searched and searched for a rabbit for this little 4 year old girl by this time her sisters were also interested in rabbits. We finally found a family that raised dutch show rabbits in Danville, KY. Show rabbits? We waited for the rabbits to be weaned we purchased one Blue Dutch doe and a Black Dutchutch buck. My oldest daughter bought a Mini Rex.

We built 3 A framed rabbit houses and the children started learning how to take care of rabbits. As we started to learn more about rabbit raising the children wanted to share their experiences with friends. This lead me to start a 4H rabbit club known as The Bunny Scouts in Lincoln County. After years of researching and trying to read and learn about this show rabbit world I finally got up the nerve to take off to a rabbit show. 4H van loaded we headed off to our first rabbit show five members and two parents. We had no idea what we needed to do at this first show. After almost being disqualified for not having tattoo’s for the show rabbits. We ran over to the vendor table and bought a tattoo gun. That was the first fun learning day of showing. I will never forget those memories we made that day. So thankful for all the friends we have made that I know I drove crazy that first year of showing. Maybe that I still drive crazy but they still answer questions and help every time I ask.

The last six years has been so much fun in the rabbit showing world. The club has learned so much and taught me so much. We are more of a family than a club. It’s awesome to be so close to great people. In 2016 I started The Lincoln County All Breed club with the help of The Bunny Scouts club. We have been attending rabbit shows all over the State of Kentucky spending a week at the Kentucky State fair for rabbit shows. We started going out of State attending rabbit shows. We have so much fun my Katie, Gracie and Henry have all decided to take on other interest. But, they still attend shows with me and Kasey. Our club started hosting Spring rabbit shows last year. The whole club helps and my entire family comes out to support the show.

This is truly a hobby I don’t think I will ever stop. At this time Kasey is raising Dwarf Hotot and Dutch rabbits with her working really hard to win Best In Show with her home grown Dwarf Hotot maybe this will be the year for her we will see. I look forward to representing everyone the best I can and to meeting everyone at different shows. Please, mark your calendars for March 30, 2019 Lincoln County All Breed Rabbit Club Spring Show. Happy showing everyone.



Elizabeth Reichart


My name is Elizabeth Reichert and I live in Shelbyville, KY.  I have been involved with rabbits all of my life and got my first show rabbit when I was around 10.  I started with Mini Rex, who were mostly overweight, moved onto to Dutch, and now show Palominos in the lynx variety.  Rabbit showing is a wonderful lifelong hobby that has taken me so many places and offered me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.   You will usually see me at shows with my Dad, Walt, who has been in the hobby around 50 years and is a wealth of information.
I work as a veterinary pharmacist for a large online pet company where I generally get forwarded all the rabbit dosage and drug usage questions, which makes things fun and interesting.  I also have 2 horses and 2 dogs and enjoy spending time with them. 
Feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns or to celebrate a big win with you! 


Hello District 8 friends.

My name is Luke Brewer,  your youth Kentucky state representative. I live in Northern Kentucky and raise English Lops and English Angoras.

I have been raising rabbit since 2014,with my First show being in 2015. I decided to get serious about breeding and showing in 2016 and became an ARBA member.


 I show at county level and Nationally with the ARBA. My goal is to get more youth involved with showing rabbits and I would like to become a judge with the ARBA in the future. Outside of rabbits, I am in our 4-H Livestock Club competing in state Skill A Thon and Livestock Judging competitions. I also enjoy fishing and kayaking at state parks and rivers.


I look forward to seeing you at they upcoming shows. Thank you,

Luke Brewer, Kentucky Youth Representative!














Janet Bowers

Hi, I am Janet Bowers, one of three District 8 representatives from Michigan. I am retired from General Motors and live on a 16 A. farm in Olivet, with one dog, four cats and 100 Dutch rabbits. I have three children and eight grandchildren, which am proud to say that four are actively involved in the rabbit hobby also. I myself have been involved in the rabbit hobby since 1987. Other breeds of rabbits have come and gone in the barn, but Dutch have always been my breed of choice. I am a member of ARBA, the Michigan State RBA, MSRBA Master Breeder, MSRBA Board Member. Member American Dutch RC, ADRC National Club Secretary and Treasurer, President of the Michigan Dutch RC, member and Secretary-Treasurer of the Central MI RBA, member of the Indiana Diamond Dutch RC. I’m very involved with my local and state clubs and care about what is happening in the rabbit hobby today. If you have any concerns or questions about our wonderful hobby, please feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to answer your questions or concerns, or get the answers for you from whatever source is available. Also, please send me your club’s top winners if I am unable to attend your show. Looking forward to the 2019 shows.


Julie Aversa

My name is Julie Aversa and I currently reside in Wales Twp MI. I am a wife and mother.  My rabbit journey started  18 years ago when we thought we would get the girls a pet rabbit.  Fast forward 18 years and we have a barn full of rabbits.  I am currently barn manager for my daughter Lindsay until she finishes college in May.  We have traveled to many states over the years showing.  Many laughs have been enjoyed on these travels and great friendships have formed.  This hobby has enriched our lives in so many ways.  Our current goal is to go to some shows we have never been to before.  So, I hope to see some of you on the tables soon





Susan Spaulding

Hello everyone,
My name is Susan E. Spaulding the owner of Hidden Hoof Hollow: A farm in Southeast Michigan where I raise a menagerie of animals. I am a thirty year plus UAW Ford Motor Company employee where I am a Paint specialist and a Dirt/Defect Analysist. I was very pleased to be asked once again to be one of the 2020 ARBA D8 State Representatives for Michigan!
I started as the supporting Parent of my daughter showing youth cavies and three years ago decided it was time to start entering Open myself. As my daughter had been first in the nation for the White Crested breed for many years as a youth it was a very hard choice for her as she started College this year and did not have the extra time to show any more. I took over the breeding choices and daily care of our beautiful herd of White Crested. All the years of hard work paid off last year when I was awarded the honor of first place in the open sweepstakes point program; proving to both of us that our herd is top quality not just the best in youth! I also have a few Mini Satin rabbits adding some colorful fun while they free roaming in my goat pasture on the farm.
I have shown numerous varieties of animals over the years and have to say I have never experienced the wonderful comradery and friendships in any other showing experience. We really are a Cavy/Rabbit Family and I would like to let everyone to know that I am always here to support and listen to all concerns or suggestions to make our organization smooth running and stronger.
I wish you all the best of this show season,



Hello everybody,

My name is Jacelyn Royer and I am from Michigan. I have been raising and showing rabbits for twelve years now. I have been raising Holland Lops since I first started showing rabbits, and recently I just started raising Florida Whites with my brother as well. Ever since I started showing I instantly fell in love with it as well as the people. I have ran several shows as well as held several offices for the Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Youth Association which I am now the president of. I also love helping the new Youth and encouraging others to get involved. I am also involved with other activities such as early college, FFA, 4-H and play several sports. I am honored to be able to have this opportunity. 


Jacelyn Royer




Geri Ganske
Thank you for adding me to the District representative panel. I have raised and shown pedigreed Rex (blue, black chocolate, lilac), New Zealand (white and black), Mini Rex (blue, black, chocolate, lilac and red), Florida Whites and Golden Palominos. I have bred the Blue American Rabbit and helped distribute bloodlines around North America in the American Drift 2010. I am the founder of The Show Rabbits of Manitoba. My next project is going to be Blue New Zealand. I have been raising CKC registered boxers for 32 years. I am the founder of the Manitoba Boxer Club. I also raise and show white homing pigeons and chickens Bantam and large fowl. See you at the shows.



Pam Nichol


Hello D8 and ARBA Members! I was born and raised in a small town north of Winnipeg, which is ok if you like snow and cold winters. I have been mad about rabbits my entire life. What started with a mixed Dutch pet named Dimes grew into years of 4H projects, youth shows, and I now share Rex and English Spots with my family. 

We frequently travel to shows in Minnesota, North Dakota, and beyond. Rabbit friends and family are the greatest people to travel with! As they say "Getting there is half the fun". ARBA has so many gifted and talented members which I am proud to call friends. Please reach out with any questions or to just say hello. Take Care! Pam Nichol


Natasha Wilson 


 Hello, my name is Natasha Wilson. I am happy to be asked again to be one of the D8 representatives for Manitoba. I am the owner of TRex Rabbits & Poultry, a farm located near Fisher Branch, Manitoba. I currently raise rabbits, coturnix quail, chickens, turkeys, geese and Muscovy ducks.

   The two main breeds of rabbits i am concentrating on are my Rex and my pedigreed Satins, but i also raise english lops and new zealands for fun.

    I am always excited to meet new friends in this wonderful hobby and offer my experience and advice.

Have a great show season.







Cheri Schubert


Hello Everyone!

I am excited to represent Ohio as an ARBA State Rep for 2019. Looking forward to meeting more members, working with Terry Fender and traveling the show circuit for 2019. This is actually my second time in the hobby, I started as a 4H Rabbit Leader in the early 90’s in Lyon, County which is in the State of Nevada. We were about 50 miles east of Reno, in a small town called Silver Springs. I had a large group of kids for a small town and we did a lot of projects in which I taught the kids from the nesting box to the dinner table. We raised Mini Lops and Standard Rex for about 6 years until we moved to Ohio.

Fast forward to 2010 and a trip to the Cuyahoga County Fair in the summer and the Guinea Pig bug bit me. I was in the city limits, I wanted to raise something small that could be housed in the house and that would be a nice pet for children and adults. I have worked with pigs a lot and have also had one as a pet, so I was excited to start this venture and share my knowledge. My dear friend. Berdeen, whom also had a daughter in my 4H group in Nevada, had moved here to the Cleveland area and she was going to get into the hobby with myself and my daughter KatyAnn.

Crafty Cavies Caviary was born. I began raising Texel’s and Silkies, shortly thereafter began showing. I had a wonderful friend and mentor in the breed, Carmen Temple. So I began learning everything I could and listening to all her experiences. As I was learning all the ins and outs, I began branching out to different shows in other parts of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, PA, New York, and Canada. What an opportunity to travel, make wonderful friends and test your talent for grooming, genetics, and breeding lines. Most recently in the last few years I have been to North Carolina and Massachusetts.

Currently I am serving my 4 th year as the 2 nd Vice President for the Ohio Cavy Club, I belong to the Ontario Cavy Club, American Cavy Breeders Assoc, and American Rabbit Breeders Assoc. I have attended and exhibited at 3 National Conventions and 3 ACBA specialties. I look forward to serving all our members and reporting activities and issues happening around the State.



Nita Butler


Hello, my name is Nita Butler from Newark Ohio. I am very happy to serve as an Ohio state representative for 2020 in District 8.


I have worked at a local veterinary clinic east of Columbus for going on 22 years and currently hold the position of Business Manager/HR. Throughout the 1990’s and into the early 2000’s I showed Rex. I then spent several years serving as a show registrar at many local shows and judging 4H fair shows. I got the rabbit fever again, and in 2011 I obtained my ARBA judge license. I normally judge throughout Ohio and the other states of D8 as well as in the eastern states. I’ve also been to Ontario! I have lots of fun during the summer county fair circuit.


I really enjoy the people I meet in this hobby. I’m happy to help represent our Ohio members as a state rep. Please email me at nitarex@yahoo.com or look me up at a show if I can be of any assistance.



  Jarrett Ingle

My name is Jarrett Ingle. I am 17 years old. I am the son of Curry and Taressa Ingle. I am proudly from Mount Orab, Ohio. I am currently a senior at Grant Career Center studying Veterinary medicine, I am also a student at Southern State Community College. I am a member of FFA where I am currently working on getting my State Degree. I have been a 4-H member for 11 years. 4-H is where I started with rabbits, since it wss my first project. Next year I am going to be a student at The University of Findlay where I will be majoring in Pre-Vet. At home I have multiple animals; I have rabbits, chickens, goats, miniature donkeys, and minature horses. I currently raise Mini Rex, with the varities of black, broken, castor, himi, opal, otter, red, and white. In the future I really would like to become a register and a judge. 


John Curk


I have held positions as Director at the Eastern State Flemish Giant Club for six years; Director on the Giant Chin Board of Directors; President, Vice President, and Treasurer for the Forest City Rabbit Club; and Vice President of the Ontario Council of Rabbit Clubs in Ontario.


I have bred and shown Flemish Giants, New Zealand Whites, Californians and Giant Chinchillas for many years.

I bred and showed the # 1 and the # 7 Flemish Giants in the NFFGRB Sweeps in 2015.  I have earned Best Display at Flemish Nationals and won numerous Flemish Specialties, as well as All-Breed Bests in Show. I've also won Giant Chin Nationals and Specialties. My Flemish have also been awarded Top Flemish in Ontario at ARBA sanctioned shows for multiple years.


I look forward to assisting our District 8 Director, Terry Fender, in any capacity.


Mary Lou Eisel


I obtained my first show cavies in 1985 and have been showing in Canada and the US ever since. It was through the cavy fancy that I met and married Bruce. Over the years I have raised all breeds of cavies accepted by the ARBA and all varieties but Dutch. My focus for the past few years has been Tan Pattern Americans and Pink-eyed Broken American Satins having added Cal, black and white Americans in recent years.

I started judging cavies for the Ontario Cavy Club in the 1990's. I obtained my ARBA cavy registrar license 2001 and ARBA cavy judge license in 2004. I have been very honoured to have judged ARBA national convention show eight times and the ACBA specialty show twice. I am very humbled to be back as a provincial rep, a position that I have had for over a decade now!



Betty Fletcher

Hello I am Betty Fletcher I am in Ontario Canada breeding and showing mini rex (tri variety) for the past 6 years . I have been a ARBA and Mini Rex Club member for the past 10 years and member of the Forest City Rabbit Breeders Club. I live on a century old + working farm with my husband of 46 years - raised 3 sons and have 4 Grandchildren. I have held the offices of President-and treasurer FCRBC. I am at present time president of OCRC (Ontario Council of Rabbit Breeders).

My goal with my Mini Rex is to try to help restore the variety back to its standard and beauty = having them compete on the show table. I run a 60 hole Rabbitry but for the most part only half the holes are filled at any 1 time. My plan for the next year is to attend all of our Ontario ARBA. Shows and continue to also attend some USA shows.

We in Ontario Canada extend a invitation to our US friends to cross the border and attend some of our shows - our shows are small but we do our best to make them fun and friendly. Please do not hesitate to drop me a line with any questions and be sure to say hello at shows. I feel very blest regarding all of the friends I have made in both Ontario and in the USA in the rabbit hobby.



Paige Fletcher - Ontario Youth Representative

Hi!  My name is Paige Fletcher and it is a true honour to be asked to sit as Youth Representative for A.R.B.A.’s  District 8 – Ontario!  I am 11 years old and I am in Grade 6.  I live really close to London, Ontario in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.  I have been involved in the rabbit hobby for as long as I can remember.  What started with a single American Holland Lop buck named “Chubbs” from my Nana, has resulted in a hobby and a passion for producing quality Hollands that I like to show all over Ontario, Canada.   My rabbitry is called “Paige’s Hill Top Hollands” – you may see me at shows with my “hot pink” cages!

Over the last few years, I have contributed to our local rabbit club, the Forest City Rabbit Breeders Club (FCRBC), by assisting with the various shows they sponsor and deliver each year including helping with set up and take down, assisting with the prizes and raffles, and assisting with the Food Booths.  It takes a lot of work to make shows happen – I encourage each of you to offer to volunteer with a show in your area.  Every little bit helps!  Most recently, I have really enjoyed learning how to clerk for judges. 

When I am not working with my rabbits, I love spending time riding horses, being artistic and crafty and figure skating competitively with my synchronized skating team.

I look forward to meeting many of you at upcoming shows.  Thank you for this chance to bring a youth voice to the A.R.B.A. table for Ontario, Canada. 


Emma Early- ARBA Youth Committee


Hello, my name is Emma Early and I am your 2020 District 8 Youth Representative. I am 16 years old and I live in Ohio. Currently I raise Holland Lops and I have been the Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association Duchess and now Queen for 3 consecutive years. I'm also the Vice President of the OSRBA Youth and working on obtaining my registrars license. I'm active in the rabbit world and I love helping others and participating in youth contests at state and national levels. 


Outside of rabbits I ride horses and have a passion for photography, I also have a dog I'm hoping to start agility with.


Thank you so much for this opportunity, I'm very excited to see what the future holds.