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Updated: October 19, 2019

2019 ARBA Convention - Reno, NV

Thursday - ARBA Board Meeting Day 1

Hello D8 friends!

Today’s ARBA Board meeting ran from 8 AM until 7:45 PM. For my D8 Director’s Report, I reported on the following: 2 judges exams given so far this year with one more planned; 2 judges conferences; D8 E-Newletter; D8 Youth Workshops, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Live; cavy and rabbit numbers; Complaints received of adults “showing” in youth; Canadian Show scene; Registrar request for continuing education committee; youth teams; meat rabbit interest; and promoting for volunteers.


Executive Director Report: Open members steady with uptick in youth; registrations up and turnaround time sometimes in 2 days; 4 full time and 1 part time office workers.


Extended rare breed show discussion. Coming soon is rare breed show sanction.


Just shy of 15,000 entries in Reno.


Member handbook to be continued next year.


New guidebook just arrived.


Online charter renewal now available.


Possible master exhibitor and breeder program discussed.


Much discussion on plastic bottoms. Much time spent on budget.


The above is an abbreviated listing of business transacted today. Please refer to upcoming ED report for official minutes. My blog is to simply keep everyone back home informed.


Tomorrow the convention bids will be presented.


Take care!

Terry D8

Friday - ARBA Board Meeting Day 2

Today’s meeting ran from 8 AM until 6:50 PM.


*The Standards Committee Chair presented a new COD process that passed. Proposed standard changes were discussed and voted on.


*The Cavy Committee presented a variety of standards changed that were voted on.


*Youth Committee Chair reported. Seth Lawrenz of Indiana won the Youth t-shirt contest. 


* Ellie Bonde reported on the history and library booths. Another silent auction will take place.   


*ED Stewart presented a report detailing a list of membership numbers, judges, registrars, shows.


*A master breeder and exhibitor program was discussed and passed.                                                                                                               


*Briony Smith of the judges continuing education committee gave a lengthy report on possible continuing education possibilities.               


*Brian and Ruth-Ann Bell reported on the 2020 ARBA Convention in Harrisburg, PA. Dates are October 17-21.                                                 


*The bid for the 2023 ARBA Convention was presented. This is the 100th Anniversary Convention. Dates are October 20-24. Proposed entry fee is $19. Location is Louisville KY. Potential entry 25-27,000. Bid accepted.                                                                                                 


*2021 Convention bid was presented. Dates are October 15-20 for Louisville KY. Proposed entry fee is $17. Bid accepted!                                 


*Cheryl Eng-Link of the Mentor Committee gave a very good report on how the mentoring program is assisting new judges.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The above is but an overview of business transacted. Please refer to an upcoming ED Report for the official detailed report. This blog is intended to keep our members back home updated on Convention happenings.

Take care,

Terry D8


Saturday - Youth Competitions

Hello D8 Friends!

Today was a very busy day for the youth competitors and youth committee.


I spent basically the entire day doing one thing or another in the youth department. I made efforts this morning at visiting with all of the D8 state and district teams wishing them luck. It’s truly an incredible sight to watch so many youth compete.


Tomorrow involves more youth contests.


Many thanks to all of the volunteers who make all of this possible. I am seeing a number of our D8 members here in Reno.

Best wishes,

Terry D8

Sunday - Judging Day1

Howdy D8 Friends! Sunday was a busy day in the showroom with most of the rabbits and cavies being judged. I spent time walking the show room and taking a variety of photos for everyone back home to see.


I attempted getting pictures of as many D8 judges as possible who were behind the tables judging along with our members who were assisting judges. I’m sure I missed a few, and I apologize, but it was a busy showroom, plus all judges might not be judging at the same time.


I spent time in the cavy area and took several photos of all the activities happening there. D8 judges Mary Lou Eisel and Jim Hupp were hard at work.


A nice view was found from the third floor looking down upon the showroom, so I took multiple photos there. All of these photos may be found on the official D8 Facebook page along with my personal page. I hope y’all check them out!


Time was also spent in the youth department. I truly appreciate the hard work that the committee members and other volunteers put into their tasks.


Take care!

Terry D8



Monday saw the completion of the breed judging and Best In Show selection.

Monday evening was the Open ARBA Banquet. Various awards were also handed out.


Tuesday was a busy day in the show room as the rabbit Standards Committee examined the COD breeds and varieties. At various times today I posted photos of the results board.

This evening was another very well attended Youth Banquet. We shared a link on the D8 Facebook page to the Live Feed. I’ve also posted many photos on both the D8 Facebook page and on my personal one as well. Congratulations to our D8 youth...and all the youth...as they did us proud.

A big thank you to the Reno group for such an excellent job on hosting this Convention and banquets.

In the morning will be the final Convention ARBA Board meeting.

Safe travels home, my friends!