Updated: March 20, 2020

Message from Terry:

Hello D8 Friends. These are definitely challenging times we're facing today. Who could have imagined this just a few months ago? But it's something we're not facing alone, it's something each and every one of us are facing together. However, over the years we Americans and Canadians have proven to be pretty tough customers, so I'm confident in our abilities. Regarding our hobby, yes, many shows have canceled and more may follow. Some clubs canceled on their own accord, while others were canceled due to state or local government mandates and some by the venue itself. However, that doesn't mean our hobby is finished. Let's continue to "polish" those winners for when shows resume...let's breed for those future shows...let's keep in contact with our friends in the hobby via social media, emails, phone calls and texting.


As shows have canceled, the D8 Web Team and I have been working hard to get these to you quickly. Posts have been made on both the D8 and my personal Facebook page, the D8 Website has been updated promptly, and periodic emails have been sent to those subscribed to the D8 Monthly E-Newsletter. Should further cancellations occur, please notify me right away at In addition, please notify so they can assist you in both canceling and rescheduling your shows.


Many D8 Youth Workshops were scheduled this spring. Yes, several will be canceled due to the host shows being canceled. However, more workshops are to come once the shows commence. I'm looking at other alternatives, too. How about taking a moment to view many of the workshops held last fall? Check out the D8 Youtube Channel named ARBA D8 Website!


Friends, when the shows return...and they will return...I look forward to seeing you. I urge you to support the shows, support their kitchen, support their raffles and vendors! Many shows are canceled, but the hobby lives on.

As always, please contact me with any questions you may have. I pray for the well being and safety of y'all!

Take care,