The Great D8!

Howdy, friends! Thank you for visiting the Official ARBA District 8 Website…The Great D8! Please take a few minutes to browse the various pages and the information provided.

The judges and registrars throughout D8 that have given their permission have their contact information listed. Show dates from across the District are listed. Show flyers for those shows that have provided them are included. Want to find out who your district/provincial representatives are? Their names and contact information may be found here. The D8 Web Team and I are working to obtain more items to include on this website.

I urge everyone to check back often to see what additional information has been added. Our goal is to keep this website current while also adding new items so that our members will want to visit often.

Friends, I am honored to serve the rabbit and cavy members of our District…Indiana, Kentucky, Manitoba, Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario! Should you have a concern, I want to know about it. I may be reached by phone at 937-364-2133 or by email at .

Enjoy our hobby!
Take care,
Terry Fender
District 8 Director