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Western Canada has four active ARBA affiliated all breed clubs in addition to three fair exposition shows that are well attended each year. A large number of District One members from the States travel across the border to participate in the quality shows put on by Canadian rabbit/cavy clubs and the reverse is also true.

News regarding Western Canadian club activities, shows, and area representative information can be found here*. Members or clubs from Canada who wish to post items of interest, can do so by e-mailing the District One Webmaster at:

* Please send us your club news, upcoming show information, and photos of your BIS/RIS winners! If sending photos of Best in Show or Reserve winners, please include the following:

Name of BIS/RIS winners
Date of Show
Club hosting the show
Show location
Breed and variety of winning annimal (Sometimes color isn't easy to determine in a photo, sheen, etc.)

View results from the Vancouver Island Exposition - August 20 & 21
Saanich Fair September 3 & 4 and Cowichan Exposition - September 10 & 11


Canada Representative - Donna Williams

Donna Williams: I have been raising rabbits for over 26 years. My first rabbit was an Angora cross called "Moppet". He was my classroom bunny, and I discovered early how much grooming was involved. Moppet was followed by "Smudge", a Pointed White Netherland Dwarf, then by a succession of mixed breeds that we kept for meat production. My sister, Cheryl, had started showing her American Fuzzy Lops, but I was still quite involved in the dog show world. In 2001, I attended a rabbit show with her, and bought my first trio of purebred, pedigreed Holland Lops. Holland Lops are still the Number One breed in my rabbitry. Over the years, I've played around with various other breeds, including American Sables (BOS, and Best Display at the 2009 ARBA Convention, and a Best in Show in WA.), French Lops (BIS and RBIS), Californians (two RBIS), and I am currently playing with Mini Satins as my second breed.

I belong to the ARBA, the Washington State Rabbit Breeders Association, the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, and the Washington State Holland Lop Rabbit Breeders Association. I encourage everyone to join their local and national clubs.

I live just north of Whistler,BC on a 10 acre hobby farm. We have my 100+ Rabbitry (depending on how many litters I have!), about 20 Hair Sheep, a Barnyard mix of chickens (thanks to my friends for the interesting hatching eggs), 3 Australian Shepherd dogs, and a yellow Leopard Gecko. My husband David and I have two sons, 18 and 20 years old. I teach in the Primary grades at our local school. I've been teaching for about as long as I've had rabbits. I like to bring a bit of agriculture into the classroom by hatching chicks, and bringing bunnies in to visit from time to time.

For me, the most important thing about rabbit shows are the friends I've made in this hobby. It doesn't matter if I go to a show in Alberta, Vancouver Island, Washington State, the people are always welcoming and fun to be with. I love that we make an effort to go to dinner after the show, so we can really get to know each other.

Thank you for allowing me to help represent Western Canada along with Judy Currie. ~ Donna Williams


Judy Currie ARBA District One Representative for Western Canada

Judy Currie: I was born and raised on a farm in Victoria , BC Canada and got my first pet rabbit (a crossbred) when I was 8 years old. My next rabbits came from a school chum whose family had them for meat and show. This started me in Dutch rabbits and shows. I also had a few Californians and a pair of Blue Beverens. Jump ahead about seven years to 1980 and buying property with my future husband and obtaining some White New Zealands for meat and show. This was the start of my love of the beautiful New Zealand that continues through to the present.

My work career was in food services at institutions run by the government. Most of my work involved preparing special food and drink items for specialized diets. I retired with a full government pension in May of 2009. Since that time I have maintained and enjoyed my small acreage and expanded the New Zealand herd to include all colors.

My small holding also has chickens, sheep and two alpacas along with my three Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.

For enjoyment I do obedience and rally obedience with the dogs. I also very much enjoy lawn bowling both outdoors and indoor short mat and have become quite proficient in the sport. ~ Judy Currie

Vancouver Island Exhibition, Nanaimo, BC ~ August 20 & 21

August 20, 2016
Best in Show ~ Christina Posey ~ Mini Rex
Reserve in Show ~ Lois Fernyhough ~ Champagne d'Argent
Best of the Opposites ~ Judy Currie ~ New Zealand

August 21, 2016
Best in Show ~ Stan & Kathy Mobey ~ Californian
Reserve in Show ~ Marlene Caskey ~ English Spot
Best of the Opposites ~ Lois Fernyhough ~ Champagne d'Argent

Saanich Fair, Victoria, BC ~ September 3 &4

September 3, 2016
Best in Show ~ Stan & Kathy Mobey ~ Californian
Reserve in Show ~ Lois Fernyhough ~ Champagne d'Argent
Best of the Opposites ~ Stan & Kathy Moby ~ Mini Satin

September 4, 2016
Best in Show ~ William Turner ~ Florida White
Reserve in Show ~ Stan & Kathy Mobey ~ Californian
Best of the Opposites ~ Lois Fernyhough ~ Champagne d'Argent

Cavies ~ September 4, 2016
Best in Show ~ Jen Lord & Megan Seel ~ American Satin
Reserve in Show ~ Stephanie Flowers ~ American

Cowichan Exhibition, Duncan, BC ~ September 10 & 11

September 10, 2016
Best in Show ~ Stan & Kathy Mobey ~ Mini Satin
Reserve in Show ~ Dillon Clark ~ Mini Rex
Best of the Opposites ~ Dillon Clarl ~ Mini Rex

September 11, 2016
Best in Show ~ Stan & Kathy Mobey ~ Netherland Dwarf
Reserve in Show ~ Kathy Mannweiler ~ Florida White
Best of the Opposites ~ Marlene Caskey ~ English Spot

Pics From This Year's Fairs & Expositions

Saanich Fair - Best & Reserve Winners - Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saanich Fair - Best and Resrve Winners - Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cowichan Fair - Best and Reserve Winners - Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cowichan Fair - Sunday, September 11, 2016

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